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The Hotstone Kitchen (THK) is the restaurant at La Roche that spills out onto the lawn. We swear by healthy and deliciously grilled food, seasonal produce and the principle of treating ingredients with respect. Expect food is that is unpretentious, with an emphasis on freshness, flavour and simple combinations of ingredients. You'll also come in to enjoy local cuisine our grandmothers used to entice us with, now rarely prepared in many homes.

Visit The Hotstone Kitchen for an unforgettable experience of food, wine and entertainment. So when the company is familiar, warm and noisy, uncork a bottle of wine or pour yourself a shot of old aged whisky. Over the weekend, come enjoy conversation with friends and family with shameless enthusiasm. Looking to get some inspiration while working, The Hotstone Kitchen offers you the perfect location in a tranquil environment. The pace at La Roche is so easy, it asks nothing of you but to enjoy relaxing.